Home decor is not always expensive, there are various tips to make your home look more beautiful and up to date. A big house doesn’t always look fancy and a simple little house does not mean an ordinary house. Both large houses and small houses are simple, if the arrangement of the decoration is right it will look elegant and pleasant.

1. Floral Sofa Chair for Living Room in a Simple Small Home

Floral motifs or the term cool floral tends home decor to be considered old-fashioned and no longer relevant to be applied in the present. The living room of this modest little house applies a legged sofa chair wrapped in floral motif textile material.

This simple little house combines minimalist interior design with decorations of old school objects such as an old black chip player, a high chair like a wooden bar stool that can applying  to decorate a bookshelf, a mosaic patterned rug, and a beautiful sofa chair with a floral motif a la shabby chic .

The presence of a tubular vase with fresh roses further beautifies the living room of this modest little house. Who says floral motifs are outdated? The proof, this simple little house has a ‘flowered’ living room with a sofa chair in a floral pattern and looks elegant, far from being cheap.

2. Simple little house with Victorian lights

Want to feel the sensation of living in a British home in the 19th century? Simple little home decor with Victorian-style interiors. The living room of this simple little house does not fully adopt the interior design elements of a Victorian era house, but there are some important elements that give the first impression that this simple little house looks luxurious and elegant like a Victorian era house.

Crystal chandelier or lamp decor that is very prominent and attractive to the eye gives the impression of luxury in the living room of this simple little house. Purple is associated with luxury, elegance, nobility applied to the walls of this simple little house. Although appearing without the wallpaper that is the hallmark of a Victorian-era home, contemporary wall decoration paintings become a substantive element that enlivens modern imagery.

A small round wooden table in white with Victorian carvings combined with a classic white-legged sofa chair sharpens the luxurious impression of this house.

3. Minimalist Round Table for Modern Simple Small Houses

Even without a sofa, the living room in a small, simple house can be the perfect place to relax. This simple little house applies the mat as a cushion to sit on with pillows and blankets. A minimalist round table clad in white that contrasts with the color of the living room walls of a simple little house is the center of attention.

Dark blue wall paint color brings a calm atmosphere in the living room of a small, simple house. The added decoration of living plants increasingly makes Kania want to relax in this simple little house.

4. Multifunctional Cabinet for Extra Space in a Small, Simple House

Simple little house has limited space for decoration. Maximize every room with an interior that is useful for storage such as a multifunctional cabinet on this one. Not only serves as a storage place for books, but also can be used for a table or a place to sit while reading a book. The practical solution is minimalist and multifunctional and looks elegant for your simple little home.

5. Elegant Rattan Chairs for Simple Small Corner Homes

Rattan is not as expensive as wood furniture, but with the touch of a reliable craftsman, rattan chairs can look elegant like this one. Wrapped in black paint and furnished with orange decorative pillows, this simple little corner of the house is an exciting place to relax.

The unique mirror shape with a beautiful vase hanging on the wall adds to the aesthetic value of this simple little house. You can maximizing every corner in a simple little house.

6. Full of Art with Paintings on the Wall of a Simple Little House

Eliminating the boredom of a simple small house can be done by hanging the decoration of paintings. Some bird-themed paintings on the living room wall of this modest little house bring to life aesthetic value.

The symmetrical placement of paintings is an important factor in decorating walls. Do not place frames or picture frames too close together because it will create the impression of a narrow room.

7. Beautiful Wallpaper for the Bathroom

Applying wallpaper on a small simple house is the right choice for decoring home. Because the wall area is smaller so to apply wallpaper does not cost too much. If you still object in terms of cost, try applying wallpaper on the bathroom wall. Wallpaper stickers with cute motifs present something different from the bathroom of your simple little house. Keep in mind, place wallpaper on the bathroom that is not directly covering by water.

8. Colorful Soap Cabinet

Still in the bathroom, magic corner of the bathroom becomes a place to store colorful soap. Cabinets or shelves made of plastic can be applied and removed easily. Waterproof plastic material also will not damage the soap cabinet. Suction cups in this cabinet can adhere well to ceramic surfaces that, you can use it as bathroom wallcoverings.

9. High Chairs for Dining Bar Tables

If your simple little house design blends between the kitchen and the dining room, you can apply the bar dining table like this one. Minimalist and modern, the dining room and kitchen are no longer a boring place. Add a high bar stool made of iron material for the legs and plastic as a cushion. Congratulations, you have a private bar at home!

10. Metal Chair Shape Per

Your simple little home decor will look outstanding with a metal chair shaped like this one. Deliberately shown rusty, this metal chair instead provides aesthetic value to the dining room and home kitchen. Art value is not only because of the shiny and clean decoration, how to process the material into an aesthetic form also affects.

Simple little house can look elegant and chic with the right arrangement of decorations. After reading the tips above, you come to know how to do it right? Happy decorating the house!