Decorative Lighting Quality Control


Decorative Lighting Quality Control in Indonesia is very much emphasized on the safety of use and product durability, which in turn can satisfy consumers at an affordable price. When starting the production of custom lighting products and the latest designs we always try to improve various parameters to make better safety in using our products.

Quality Control and Quality Assurance for Decorative Lighting

Quality Assurance (QA) is about the control of systems, and specifically the establishment of aclearly understood reproducible system that will ensure that projects are deliveredaccording to design, on time and within budget.

The purpose of the QA Plan is therefore to clearly set out exactly what is to be done, when itwill be done, by whom, and most importantly how it will be done. It is a User’s Manual that Will help all of the staff involved in a project to deliver a successful job.

The identification of roles and responsibilitiesof all parties, together with procedures andsystematic management to be followed that willensure that the Quality Control System is implemented efectively.

Quality Assurance is a management system. It provides the essential guidance to the “who, when, where and how.” It provides the operating procedures through which the QC system isimplemented. If implemented correctly it will ensure that the Quality Control system iseffective and the overall works are delivered to the agreed standards contained in thecontract.

This QA Plan has been developed in response to requests by Contractors field staff forclearer direction on roles and responsibilities in the management and supervision ofbridge construction projects being implemented by contractors employed by DDC,Dhanusha. The Plan has been prepared primarily for larger structures, typically of25m span and greater, nevertheless it is also applicable to all structures other than simplepipe culverts.

The QA Plan has been introduced to help improve the management and supervision ofconstruction contracts. This will be achieved through the following steps:
1. Standardization
– of operating procedures

2. Consistency
– in work practices

3. Familiarity
– with responsibilities for each individual

4. Confidence
– of all staff involved

5. Efficiency
– in work output

6. Satisfaction
– in a job done to the best of our ability

7. Pride
– in a job well done and a project delivered to the best standards

8. All of which are vital to the effective QUALITY OF WORKS



To keep your product work property and look good, you can do maintaining procedure. It is important to know the material of the product for further maintaining procedure.

Not less important. Make sure you have set the goods according to the function of indoor and outdoor purpose. Hence, we can divide the maintaining procedure in daily and annual cleaning. Wiping manually with dry cloth or using vacuum cleaner is what suggest to clean it daily. Meanwhile for annual maintainance, generally checking from all part and move it to have different look and clean with wet cloth or wash it.