Have you ever seen a rattan basket? Rattan is a kind of palm plant that is very commonly found in the tropics. Because of the nature of this plant which is strong and easily formed, there are many craftsmen in Indonesia who use it to produce various kinds of creations. Examples such as souvenirs and household appliances. Basket is one of them.

The benefits of baskets made from rattan are many, especially when compared to baskets from synthetic materials such as plastic. Just this example:

Environmentally friendly

Because it is made from natural ingredients, rattan has no negative impact on the environment. Once it is no longer used, rattan can be recycled or broken down like other organic materials.

Durable and minimal maintenance

Rattan baskets are very durable and strong, can be used for years without damage. Rattan also does not need special care because it is resistant to all weather.


Rattan baskets are also flexible and can hold a lot of things inside, without changing their shape. Rattan also will not bend or break.


This type of basket is easy to carry around because it is light, but can hold heavy loads. So this basket is suitable if used as a parcel or laundry basket.


This is perhaps the most interesting. Rattan baskets are quite cheap because the raw materials are easy to find. So whatever you buy will not make a thin bag.

The plaits used to make rattan baskets also make them into baskets with natural artistic decorations. You don’t even need to paint or decorate it, because the wicker has made a unique and attractive appearance of rattan. So souvenirs from rattan are also very popular because they can be forms that are funny, strange, and different from the others.

Speaking of baskets from rattan, the usefulness of these baskets is also very much. You can use a basket from rattan for the following things:

Become a laundry basket – can hold all your dirty clothes. This basket is very strong, so even a heavy wet suit won’t break it.
Baby baskets – look for baskets that work fine, and cover them with blankets, so they can be baskets for babies when they sleep. It could even be a rocking basket.
Decorative baskets – baskets with beautiful shapes and not so large sizes can be filled with flowers or decorated so that they are nicer and will brighten the room.