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Rattan Basket, Cheap Multifunctional Equipment

Round Rattan Basket Small | Round Natural Rattan Basket Small

Have you ever seen a rattan basket? Rattan is a kind of palm plant that is very commonly found in the tropics. Because of the nature of this plant which is strong and easily formed, there are many craftsmen in Indonesia who use it to produce various kinds of creations. Examples such as souvenirs and […]

Wicker Bedroom Furniture

There’s a new generation of wicker furniture and it’s a far cry from that white painted chair that lives for grandma’s garden parties. Wicker’s rebirth into contemporary home furnishings is just now starting to gain the popularity it describes. Wicker bedroom furniture specifically has been getting the most attention. What is Wicker furniture Wicker furniture, in […]

Outdoor Wicker Furniture

Outdoor Wicker Furniture is a collective term that refers to a wide variety of equipment used for seating, storage, resting and decoration. Of late, a number of manufacturers are creating special ranges of wicker furniture. They are mostly in gardens, porches and under patios. They are available in numerous metal, contemporary and traditional materials. Outdoor […]