Lighting Decoration for your minimalist home is a challenging task. Especially for those who decorate the house or who do not have adequate knowledge in choosing the right furniture to beautify their home and improve certain appeal.

There are various types of lighting for minimalist homes available today, ranging in terms of style and functional. When considering the style, material, or lighting source that will be used, remember that good lighting is a very important component in the look, feel, and arrangement of the room.

If your interior tastes stand in the traditional direction, don’t let that stop you from using a modern design. The trick of playing lighting with a combination of hanging lamps, wall lamps, floor lamps, or strategically placed table lamps can change the room, and modern lighting designs placed in traditional minimalist spaces can change the whole space. Here are some tricks to play lighting and how to make lighting accents.

1. Spotlight on the accent

Through Lighting Decoration, you have the ability to focus focus only on the accent space that you want to highlight in your home. Lighting can create dramatic scenes that are different from others.

Like the picture above, the placement of several points at important points improves the quality of the space by focusing on certain accents.

2. Backlighting or uplighting

Place the lights behind the wall (backlighting) or behind the accent wall (uplighting), art objects, or interesting objects, to give an additional impression and luxurious lighting effects.

3. Dimmer control

Dimmer is a circuit that can be used as a regulator of light. So, dim, to the brightest. Easy lighting installation. It saves electricity and is bulb-old. Learn how to install dimmers, it’s easy.

4. Lamps & furniture are mixed

Want to Fold furniture elements with lights to produce beautiful and luxurious masterpieces? You can consider playing tricks on lighting at certain points, such as walls, ceilings, and various other furniture.

5. Decorative lights

If you don’t like changing lighting in your home, then you want to try using tricks to play lighting. There are many choices of decorative lights without the need for re-installation.

Is it possible to consider lighting design as well as being a sculpture element? Of course! There is a wide selection of lamp models that you can choose to display a more dramatic and spectacular atmosphere.

Or you might consider a futuristic decorative floor lamp that is as simple as the minimalist house above.