Lighting Decoration for your minimalist home is a challenging task. Especially for those who decorate the house or who do not have adequate knowledge in choosing the right furniture to beautify their home and improve certain appeal.

There are various types of lighting for minimalist homes available today, ranging in terms of style and functional. When considering the style, material, or lighting source that will be used, remember that good lighting is a very important component in the look, feel, and arrangement of the room.

6. Track lighting

Track lighting is a lighting method in which a lamp fixture is attached to a continuous track device that contains an electrical conductor. This path can be mounted on the ceiling or wall, extending below the beam, transversely on the rafters or beams, or even hidden in the ceiling. This path can also be hung from very high ceilings.

The benefit of tracking lighting is that you have the freedom to change the various Light Directions. This is a simple installation that can you do with little knowledge of electricity.

7. Recessed lighting

Hidden matches any decoration. Recessed light fixtures blend perfectly into the ceiling. With hidden decorative lights that are create quite beautiful shadows in a room.

8. Less more

A little light can still have extraordinary effects. The right decoration is very important to make the right nuance. Using smaller fixture lights can help reduce utility costs. An electrician can use a small amount of power and strengthen it to have a much brighter light.

9. Repetition of finishing

Brass poles on this floor lamp are repeated on the chair and table material. The lamp is a classic modern accent in this design. In other words, lighting decoration with brass poles floor lamp, everyone can make home decor with warm and classic nuance.

10. A little modern touch

This refined woven basket hanging lamp adds a modern touch to this minimalist rustic-style bedroom. I enjoy this design because modern touch always tells interesting stories.

11. Identical shape

In this proportional living room, simple table lamps, pendants and modern furniture are identical to the same models and materials, giving the room an elegant look, yet still understated.

12. Luxurious relaxed feel

This elegant brass chandelier features relaxed decor into this modern style interior. As a result, chandelier will give illuminated with dramatic and dramatic effects.

13. Industrial simplicity

This sculptured mechanical floor lamp gives a modern industrial feel to this minimalist living room. As a result, this industrial simplicity.

14. Futuristic modern imagination

For more modern futuristic Look, this iron cage chandelier adds a new futuristic touch to this minimalist living room, for instance.

15. Graph of focus points

In this modern style room, a game design of hanging lamps, floor lamps, and wall lamps hanging displays a graphic focal point on the back wall of the bed.