Lighting in the room especially light from Natural Table Lamp plays an equally important role. Because Interior design isn’t just about installing the right furniture or choosing the right paint color. You can change the impression of your home with lighting and can also make a living room decorative lights as a complement to decoration.

If the chandelier is too ordinary, what if you start experimenting with natural table lamps. Table lamps that are selling in the market with various models and variations in price. You can not only using it as a display in the living room, but also lighting in the study room. How to choose the right desk lamp for decoration and for lighting at the same time? Check out the references below!

For the living room of the house with an elegant European-style design, the designer makes a classic-style urn and white cover that makes the living room feel more classy.

You can add a pair of unique natural table lamp around the sofa for the living room with a modern feel and a touch of traditional style carvings.

With a monochromatic colors design, the addition of accessories in the living room dwelling decor really helps to make it stand out more. Natural Table lamp made of glass tubes on two sides of the living room further enhance the interior.

Not only in the living room, in the bedroom to the study room, you can complete it with various designs of table lamps that are no less beautiful. This high and simple study table lamp is combine with an all-white interior design.

If your living room is small, you can try urban design. To beautify a plain wall, you can add a beautiful table lamp and an additional standing lamp there.

If your house is dominated by white, try to give the impression of contrast with the additional lights. Both table lamps and standing lamps in black will support the interior appearance of your living room.

For those of you who like industrial style, you can assemble your own industrial desk lamp with pieces of iron so the results are unique and different from the others.

This table lamp model will remind you of street lights in ancient Europe. Classic and looks charming. This European-style lamp design will further complement the vintage look in your home.

Table lamps made of wood can easily be found in areas that produce crafts. The shape is diverse and of course gives a calming natural impression.

For kid’s bedrooms or children’s desks, you can choose a variety of funny models. Can also adjust to cartoon characters or bright colors your kid’s favorite.