How to choose a wall decoration before determining which wall decoration you will buy. There are other things that need to be considered. With our tips, hopefully you can find the right choice.

Four things to consider in choosing a wall decoration

You should pay attention to the size of the wall decoration and make it the main thing because it greatly affects the appearance. For size, you can see it directly in the product description because we will not discuss it here.

Choose a wall sticker that is easy to install and remove.

The most important thing when choosing a wall sticker is whether or not it is easy to install and remove the wall sticker. When you have found a suitable design, make sure that the product you choose is easy to install and remove. Usually there is a label that says “can be removed” or “can be re-attached”, but some are not given a description. So, make sure before buying.
This needs to be considered so that when removing or replacing wall stickers do not damage the wall paint or make the walls peel off.

Choose a three-dimensional wall decoration with a marker hole.

For three-dimensional wall decoration, make sure there are holes for mounting screws. This is to make it easier for you when determining its position where it will be installed. If the material is plastic, it won’t be a problem because you just stick it by removing the adhesive behind it. However, for three-dimensional wall decorations made of iron or acrylic, it is necessary to have a hook so that it does not fall so this marker hole is very important.

Choose a wall decoration that can you install by yourself.

If you want a wall decoration that can be changed at any time to change the atmosphere. Choose a wall decoration that you can easily install on your own without the help of other people. If your choice is a wallpaper with wider dimensions or a large three-dimensional wall decoration, of course you will need help from others.

Therefore, make sure the size or dimensions before buying a wall sticker. Also check the weight or weight before buying a three-dimensional wall decoration.

Choose a wall decoration that matches the wall material.

You must pay attention to the material of the walls themselves before choosing wall decorations. Walls that are easy to stick into with tacks will be easier to screw in, but have the disadvantage that wall hangings will fall off easily. Meanwhile, the walls with a layer of mortar will be difficult to install screws. So, make sure the wall material in your room matches the wall decoration that you will install.

There are times when a wall decoration can easily slip off the wall material. To keep the wall decoration from peeling off easily, you can add double sided tape for a stronger adhesion.