Do you want to know choose a Hanging Lamp to create an atmosphere through a certain lighting system at home? Moreover, now there are various types of decorative lights for homes with various styles and functions. With the right light source, it is a very important element in the look, feel and function of a room. Meanwhile, to enhance its appearance, you can increase the use of a chandelier.

Well, here are 5 ways to choose a chandelier that you need to know :

1. Choose a hanging lamp model according to the theme of the room

Currently there are various forms of different chandeliers. Before you install it, it’s a good idea to adjust the lamp design model to suit the entire room. You can choose the form of a chandelier with a type of chandelier, ethnic nuances and lanterns. Even the hanging lamp model on the terrace of the house also needs to be chosen based on the exterior theme of the house.

2. Make sure the chandelier is the right size

Make sure, whether the chandelier is enough to be the center of attention or not. Decorative lamps with a hanging lamp model for the living room should be adjusted to the size or size of the room. If the space is limited, choose a chandelier with a simple model and a size that is not too large. Conversely, if the room is large enough, you can use a large chandelier with a unique lamp design. That way, make a pendant lamp to make the room look more attractive and reflect light optimally.

3. Measure the ceiling height of the room

Not only in terms of lamp size. But when choosing a chandelier, you also need to ensure its height, layout and purpose of installation. How high is the ceiling, which is important not higher than a third of the height of the room. Because if the ceiling is too high and the chandelier is installed too high, then the lights will not spread light evenly throughout the room. We recommend that you use a height of approximately 30 cm from the top of your head.

4. Choosing a chandelier according to the type of home furniture

The function of the hanging lamp is not only for lighting the room, but also as a decorative lamp that will add to the aesthetics of a residence. For that, choose a hanging lamp that is similar to the furniture in the house. So that the lights do not attract too much attention. Choose lights that match other items. For example, a minimalist hanging lampshade design will harmonize with minimalist furniture.

5. Adjust the interior style of the house

In addition to choosing a pendant lamp according to the shape of home furnishings, you should also need to use a chandelier that is matched with the interior style of the house. Moreover, now there are many types of lamps, ranging from minimalist models, antique models, crystal models to contemporary models. Meanwhile, for a home with a modern classic style, choose a chandelier with lots of ornaments or details. In addition, you can choose a minimalist chandelier for a minimalist type of room. Those are the five ways to choose a pendant lamp. The most important thing is to prioritize the quality of the decorative lights.