Lighting Trends That Will Be Everywhere in 2022 – When it comes to room lighting, the first thing that we pay attention is the presence of window openings, and the location of the room itself. Rooms facing north usually need an additional source of light, not just at night. Due to the minimum amount of sunlight hitting it, as well as depending on the functional purpose. Sometimes in such a room it is necessary to use a backlight even during the day.

The lighting trends of 2022 will surprise you with their originality, simplicity and functionality. They will bring nature closer, come up with eclectic combinations and add elegance to your style. It should be note that lighting plays an important role in the picture of your interior design.

Sustainability Shines With Natural Ingredients

The new lighting trend towards the use of sustainable and natural materials continues into 2022 and lighting is no exception. “Organic, rattan, wood beads, wood materials and natural textures are all trends that give a room a boho chic look,” says Jen Pinto, senior designer at Jackson Design and Re-modelling. “We can incorporate this type of fixture in almost any room, including kitchen entryways, living rooms, bathrooms, and more.”

A Smarter, Warmer, High-Tech Home

It’s no surprise that in 2022, smart technology is making its way into the world of lighting design. Through the use of intelligent lighting technology, you can control the look, feel and function of your space with lighting. Lighting control products can be integrated with light layers, along with other smart home technologies to enable automation.

Smart light bulbs are gaining popularity every year, and with good reason. Smart light bulbs are arguably the easiest entry point into smart home technology. For example, the ability to adjust the actual colour temperature of your bulb can be life changing and do wonders for a person’s circadian rhythm. It can be a bright, cool white during the day to help keep occupants alert and focused. The same bulb can be dimmed and warmed up later for a more relaxed feeling.

Metallic And Marble Floor Lamp

Why should we look for floor lamps that combine marble or stone, and metal details? Designer and Livingetc columnist Linda Boronkay explains, “Marble is a beautiful, durable material that I love to use in projects.” And sleek chic floor lamps are gaining popularity as we head into 2022 with the abundance of these sleek standout specimens seeping through from various brands and design houses.

Greatness and Center of Attention

Jessica Harris, designer and production design manager at Living Spaces, believes lighting is a sure-fire way to make a space feel new again. “One fun way to do this in 2022 is to add a large chandelier,” he explains. “This is a great, affordable refreshment to a room or entryway that guests will notice immediately.” For example, if you have a large open-air dining area, a simple and minimalistic approach to lighting may not work. The space needs a standout feature that holds it all together, and lighting can certainly help. By choosing a large dining room chandelier in a situation like this, you will create a more balanced look that complements the space appropriately.

Mix and match with Black & Brass Finishing

A very popular finish in all aspects of interior design, brass is found in kitchenware, home decor, vanity tops, and of course, lighting fixtures. Black continues to survive as the mainstay of the finish. Matte black has been trending in lighting for a number of years (and isn’t going anywhere for 2022) but now black is available in several new iterations that are slightly different: stainless steel black, satin black, flat black, oiled bronze, and black iron to name a few. A black chandelier stands out as an accent in a room full of fixtures in white or cream tones. It gives a beautiful, even classic look.