Silk Painting Creative

Silk painting itself sounds very creative for home decor, as creating an art on fabric with silk as the canvas is really artistic. Now, before you go with your paintings and brushes, you need to know how silk painting is actually done. There is nothing unusual about the painting, it is a direct paint-on method with specific dyes and paints.

These dyes and paintings that are meant for silk painting, are applied to the silk fabric and are even spread. Use a huge variety of hues, depending upon the painting. The colors are merged in such a way that they become an integral part of the fabric using soft and smooth strokes. Moreover, another point need to be focused is that the silk paintings are preferably painted on silk fabric unlike other paintings that are done on canvas.

Silk Painting Easier

Silk painting has never been easier with fabric mate marks. But yes some simple techniques and a selection of coordinating colors can make a beautiful addition to any home decor. To get start with this home decor, you just need to collect and assemble the materials and a set of colors on a work table and it is always advisable to cover the area with newspaper or plain newsprint to avoid any sort of stains. And the best part is here is no need to set the color after it has dried. Using salt is not necessary but it creates a nice mottled texture.

silk Painting Fabric is a Must

Now thinking of silk painting fabric is a must. The timeless appeal, elegance and the silk fabric chosen speak volumes about this exquisite art. Here is a complete guide of painting silk fabrics :

  1. Crepe de chine: A graceful drape with a slightly crinkled texture.
  2. Dupion: Intermittent silk slugs in a shimmer texture.
  3. Habotai: A lightweight silk and is quite smooth.
  4. Organza: Organza is quite a crisp silk with sheer transparency.
  5. Silk: A natural colored and textured silk.
  6. Flat crepe: Lustrous shine with slight crepe texture.
  7. Crepe back suit satin: This is silk satin with crepe back.
  8. Velvet: A texture with silk backing and plush rayon pile finish.
  9. Twill: A kind of shimmer silk with twill.
  10. Gauze: This one is really light, sheet gauze.
  11. Chiffon: This is sheer silk with crepe-like texture.
  12. Decore satin: Rayon silk face with silk backing.

Now, what are you waiting for, select any of the fabrics according to your requirement and start painting a canvas for your home.

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