Are you planning to buy Light decorations for Christmas this year? No need for the expensive one, here are simple Christmas decoration ideas. That can make your home ready to welcome Christmas with joy! No need to bother and worry, so that the atmosphere of the house is more lively to welcome Christmas. Just imitate some simple Christmas decoration ideas through this article. We recommend cheap, practical, and simple home decor.

Use A Beautiful Pendant Light

The first simple Christmas decoration that can be presenting in the house is to use hanging decorations. For example, using a pendant light that you can turn into a Christmas special, such as changing a light bulb or adding Christmas ornaments. You can hang the chandelier in the living room near the Christmas tree. You can try use more than two hanging lamps, so that they presence can be feel. So, the impression presenting is not only the joy of Christmas, but still in accordance with the interior theme at first.

Floor lamp become Christmas tree decorations

If the Christmas tree feels so boring, now try to switch it by using your floor lamp as a decoration like a Christmas tree. You can add accessories to the floor lamp with full of Christmas colors. So that your room will still feel the Christmas ambience. No need for fancy decorations, just use what you have at home such as green and red paper that you create yourself.

Change the bedroom table lampshade

Your Christmas day will be feel in your bedroom space, by replacing your old table lampshade with a new one. Make the most of it by finding and replacing a table lampshade in the theme Christmas colors, green, red and gold. Place the table lamp in the corner of your room, and decorate all-around of it with your favorite Christmas ornaments.