Nowadays, decorative lamp is more than just a light. When the decorative lamps lighted out, it is like a flower of lotus on the lake. Alter the expression is the assumption that only serves as a torch. Besides, lighting concept can provide a different psychological effect on residents.

Thus, this website brings a modern decorative lamps design in wide range of choice. We are a leading of Indonesian Export company and manufacturer of Rattan Lamp, Resin Lamp, Modern Lamp, Natural Lamp, and handicraft, which located in Cirebon. Our lamp product woven by High Quality rattan, resin and another materials. Our company also has other collection such as indoor lamp, outdoor lamp. We always endeavors to satisfy our customers’needs, also supported by skillful and well experienced crafts man, which are covered by Quality System Management to make sure that quality was rooted permanently in all aspects of its production.

Design Decorative Lamps with High Quality and Competitive Price

We are serious in this business by providing various designs of lamp, quality and competitive price. The electricity components that we have are European and US standard equipped with electrical component certificate. Stand as Art lamp, we proudly present our collection through this site. Available in Floor Lamp, Table Lamp, Wall Lamp, Hanging Lamp, Stool and Planter. We have been developed design as art lamp for indoor or outdoor and ever changing products as we adapt to our customer’s needs. All our products are handmade products and manufactured by skillful hand and well experienced, so present a high esthetic and its own unique character.

These are supported by series of quality control covering material selection, framing process, weaving process, sanding process, precoloring process, coloring and staining process, finishing process packing and loading process for manufactured perfect decorative rattan lamp product. Supported by skillful and professional production teamwork for decorative lighting, we are one-step further by using resin, banana leaf, wood, stone, cocostick and teak as the main material for lamp and mix various natural materials for the decoration. Every pieces of our Art Lamp are using local materials, local cultures combine with handmade of local people, will give you unique touch of Art Lamp. Its hand made could make slight dierent in items but that is what make its unique – only one and it is especially made for you.

Our natural fibers lamp and craft could brings naturality from our nature and craftmanship from our people to your home and your family, comforting your life with Natural Lamp. Moreover, we use water base finishing system that are non toxic and eco-friendly which keep your family safe.

Find your suitest Art Lamp items to meet your desire here.