Our company also has other collection such as indoor lamp, outdoor lamp. Our sta who always endeavors to satisfy our customers’ needs, also supported by skillful and well experienced crafts man, which are covered by Quality System Management to make sure that quality was rooted permanently in all aspects of its production.


One of a kind in lighting industry, our design is giving dierent options. The concepts of our design are purely original by the use of eco-friendly materials. Created the unique design contained in ‑oor lamp, table lamp, outdoor lamp, hanging lamp, stool lamp, wall lamp, partition lamp, and planter lamp. 
Stand as Art lamp, we proudly present our collection through this site. Available indoor lamp, table lamp, outdoor lamp, hanging lamp, stool lamp, wall lamp, partition lamp, and planter lamp. We have been developed design as art lamp for indoor or outdoor, and ever changing product as we adapt to our customers needs. All our products are handmade products and manufactured by skillful hand and well experienced, so present a high esthetic and its own unique characters.


We fully realize that no matter beautifull the goods if it has defects or easily demage that will reduce the value. Therefore, we are supported with solid teamwork, reliable craftsman and well manage production system.


One of the important points we should put on top. We make sure that the products are save for environment. The save delivery from our factory to the customers is lead to be next factors. Therefore, we are using carton box with double wall and protector for the packaging system that already prove by drop test. Next, the production safety for our employee is our responsibility.


We assure that our price is competitive with other competitors in market regards to the quality. Hence, above is our oer to 
build long term business relationship. We very welcome with idea, custom design our any improvement to match with your market.