ICRA 2019 , 2 – 6 October 2019 , Hall A , Jakarta Convention Center , Jakarta, Indonesia

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ICRA 2019 exhibition will take place from 2-6 October 2019 in Hall A, Jakarta Convention Center. The exhibition will feature the best craft products of more than 300 SMEs and local craft makers from various regions in Indonesia.

As we know, Indonesia has a wealth of natural, cultural, and a variety of local wisdom that is very attractive to visitor. In addition to natural and cultural tourism which are tourist destinations, but keep in mind the craft industry (handicraft) in Indonesia also attracts tourists to Indonesia.

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Today, Indonesia’s craft industry continues to grow, not only is the number growing, but the innovation continues to grow. In fact, now many have penetrated into the digital market, making it easier to reach globally. Well, for those who want to see superior craft products from Indonesia, you can attend the exhibition named; ICRA 2019.

The products on display at ICRA 2019 are quite diverse, ranging from; wood carvings, woven bamboo, metal crafts, jewelry, accessories, literary crafts, leather products, interior products, even Indonesian souvenirs.

So, for those who want to find superior and best products from crafters in Indonesia, can come to ICRA 2019 at JCC, and yes! Maybe it can be an inspiration at the same time to add to the interior in the house.